"When You Point at the Moon" in the On the Boards NW New Works Festival 2011

When You Point at the Moon

Created and Performed by Kyle Loven


Performing in the On the Boards NW New Works Festival 2011
June 10-12, 2011
Friday- 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday- 5 pm
Tickets: http://www.ontheboards.org/performances/nw-new-works-festival-2011


Director: Nick Hubbard

Choreographer: Gabrielle Schutz

Sound Designer: Kevin Heard

Stage Manager: Jody Kunz


An Eastern moon myth warns children: “Never point at the moon or your ears will be cut off!” Inspired by this warning, the piece follows a young boy, the moon, and the fateful gesture that brings them together. Told in the spirit of a surreal cautionary tale for adults, this image-driven work combines a puppet, projections, recorded sound, and a live actor. Theater collides with visual art and elements of dance to explore what happens when we encounter the inevitable.



On the Boards

100 West Roy St.

Seattle, WA 98119

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