Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam…You're Invited!

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One Night Only!
The Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam
Vol. I
The forecast today, after a summer of minimal sun, is 80% chance of rain. The coming weeks don’t look much brighter. We’re all moaning to the skies asking for a delay in the inevitable arrival of gray. We’re not happy. We’re getting fussy. Even the puppeteers.

So these often solitary artists are amassing like a meteorological front. To entertain you. The most ornery, able, and intrepid puppeteers in this rainy city are colliding for an evening of short, spirit-lifting performances. You’ll laugh at puppets doing human things, marvel at puppets doing curious things, cry at puppets doing *%$&ed up things.

Getting SAD? Getting pissed? Get puppets.

About Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam Vol. I

Intended for adult audiences only.

Featuring: Kyle Loven, Puppets Behaving Badly, Thistle Theatre, Gavin Cummins, Jess Haynie-Lavelle, Nick Hubbard, and more.

Will include a raffle and live music by The Waifs of the Warf.

West of Lenin (203 North 36 St Seattle, WA 98103)
Saturday October 8 @ 9PM
$10 General Admission
$8 Puppeteers of Puget Sound Members

Find us on The Facebook:

Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam is a proud part of the Puppet Slam Network:http://www.puppetslam.com/

Sponsored by The Puppeteers of Puget Sound:

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