Call for Photos

Hello Newsletter Editors, Web Managers, Guild Contacts, Regional Presidents, and more,

This is Nick Hubbard, writing to you in my capacity as part of the organizing team for the 2013 Puppeteers of America National Festival. Below is a call for photos from past national festivals that I hope you will be willing to communicate to your members and communities, whether through your newsletters, websites, or upcoming meetings. As you will see, we are looking for the photos to post to our Facebook page and possibly our festival website. All the information you need should be there, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me or Carole D’Agostino, who is the lead for this photo-posting project:

Thank you for helping us to promote our community and give American puppeteers a chance to celebrate good memories of festivals past. We appreciate it!

Nick Hubbard

Text of the call:

Hello Puppeteers of America guilds! This is Nick Hubbard, part of the organizing team for the next PofA National Festival in 2013. One of our goals in planning the Festival is to promote Community and encourage new people to join P of A. To that end, we are searching for photos from past National Festivals that feature folks having fun. We’re hoping that some of you might be willing to share 2 or 3 of your favorite photos with our Facebook page and possibly our festival website?

We’re looking for photos of people hanging out, having a good time, not necessarily fancy production shots. These photos are not for profit, they are simply part of a photo album that people can see and share with friends on Facebook and possibly the festival website.

To see an example check this album.

You can see how we present the images, thank the donor, and let folks tag themselves. It’s a nice variety!

We are giving credit for photos wherever possible. If you have concerns about privacy, let us know and we can discuss. Some donors have taken the step to contact people in the photos for permission, though that is not necessary. If you do not wish to be credited, that is also ok.

I hope you’ll consider sharing a few photos, which you can do by sending the photos and any photographer credits to our festival e-mail:

Thank you very much,
Nick Hubbard

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