The Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam, Vol. III

Did you miss us?
The Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam
Vol. III

We weren’t kidding: The Fussy Cloud mission to entertain continues, just like these irrepressible drizzling days. We do not come in peace; there will be toy theatre. Your old favorites will be in the lineup, and some new hand-carved faces too. The Waifs of the Wharf return to fill the atmosphere with melody.
Getting SAD? Getting pissed? Get puppets.

About Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam Vol. III
-Intended for adult audiences only.
-Featuring the work of: Rachel Jackson, Gavin Cummins, Marva Holmes, the unsinkable Clay Martin, and more.
-Will include a raffle and live music by The Waifs of the Wharf.

(409 7th Ave S Seattle, WA 98104)
(206) 340-1049)
Saturday May 5 Music @ 7:15PM Puppets @ 8
$10 General Admission

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Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam is supported by
Sponsored by The Puppeteers of Puget Sound

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