A Call for Giant Puppets!

Giant Puppets Marching in Fremont! 

Trolloween, on October 31st of each year, features many usually unusual things, like trolls, fire dancers, hysterical dramas and serene comedies. This year, the theme is ‘The March of Giants’, and involves giant puppets, opera singers, dance companies, and many costumed participants. This event is a public opera and involves spectacle, dance, singing, and music. This is a community celebration of the birthday of the Fremont Troll sculpture, and really offers little money to performers. A honorarium can be offered to the Puppeteers of Puget Sound if a ‘handful’ of giant puppets show up from the Puppeteers of Puget Sound. The Fremont Arts Council offers this annual event as a gift to the community, and rain or not, at 7 PM, at the Fremont Troll, under the Aurora Bridge, the mischievous merriment will occur. A procession will proceed through the community, and is known as the ‘Haunt of Fremont’. It ends under the Fremont Drawbridge in a covered parking lot with dancing and a costume and display walk across the stage there. Contact Maque at maque@drizzle.com for further information.

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