Thistle Theatre presents “Magic Teakettle”


Magic Teakettle

In a Japanese temple, a teakettle is placed over the fire for the tea ceremony. Suddenly, it sprouts a tail, a head and the four legs of a Tanuki (a raccoon-like animal found in Japan). Fearing the strange creature with the body of a teakettle, the Priest returns it to the peddler woman who sold it to him.

She gives the Tanuki a home and food and grateful for her kindness, the Tanuki reveals he is Bumbuku Chagama, a teakettle of good luck. Together they start a theatre and the Magic Teakettle of Good Luck performs acrobatic tricks bringing great wealth to the peddler.
Thistle Theatre specializes in the Bunraku-style of puppetry, an ancient Japanese art form. Although the style has been modified for modern audiences and performers, the basic idea remains the same: puppeteers dressed entirely in black, to symbolize their invisibility, operate the puppets. Jean Enticknap directs puppeteers Ben Burris, Brian Stabile and Gina Wilhelm in the production with puppets designed and built in the Thistle Theatre studio by Brian Kooser.
Funded in part with Funds from 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax Fund.

Performance Schedule and Ticket Information:

Bellevue Youth Theatre
16661 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98008 March 9 and 10 (2:00PM and 4:00PM)

Magnuson Park Theatre:
7110 – 62
nd Ave NE, Seattle, WA Bld 47 March 16 and 17 (1:00PM and 3:00PM)

Sunset Hill Community Club:
3003 NW 66th Street, Seattle, WA 98117 March 22 (7:30PM) March 23 and 24 (1:00PM and 3:00PM)

Children and Seniors – $8.00 General Admission – $10.00 or visit: for information call Thistle Theatre at (206) 524-3388

Short Description
A priest returns an old teakettle to a peddler woman after it transforms into a Tanuki (a raccoon-like animal found in Japan). He reveals he is Bumbuku Chagama, a teakettle of good luck.



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