Thistle Theatre presents: “Tiger and the Dried Persimmon”

Mountain Spirit

Mountain Spirit

Thistle Theatre, a puppet theatre for families, presents:
Tiger and the Dried Persimmon

Based on a Korean folk story, this production is perfect for families with children aged 3 and up. A Mountain Spirit sends a young tiger down the mountainside to hunt for food and to bring back what he has learned on his journey. The tiger ventures into a village and finds a house where he overhears a mother trying to coax her child to stop crying. “Hush now, if you don’t stop crying,” she pauses to think of something frightening, “the tiger outside will eat you!” The tiger is certain the child will stop crying when she hears that a fierce tiger is outside. To his amazement she keeps crying. Then the mother says, “Hush now, look…here comes a kotgam”. Suddenly the child stops crying. Misunderstanding, the tiger thinks this kotgam must be a very frightening creature if it can stop a child from crying. The tiger has no idea that the kotgam is dried persimmon, which is a kind of fruit. He frightens himself imagining how this horrible kotgam creature must look. Afraid the kotgam will find him, the tiger hides in the barn where a superstitious thief is hiding and the misunderstandings continue!

This story is performed with tabletop Bunraku, rod and shadow puppets. Alex Cantrell, Zane Exactly and Gina Wilhelm are the puppeteers in the show directed by Jean Enticknap. Funded in part by 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax Fund.

Performance Schedule
Magnuson Park Theatre
7120 62nd Ave NE, Bld 47, Seattle, WA 98115
March 1, 2 (1:00PM & 3:00PM)

Bellevue Youth Theatre
16661 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98008
March 8, 9 (2:00PM & 4:00PM)

Sunset Hill Community Club
3003 NW 66th Street, Seattle, WA 98117 in Ballard
March 15, 16 (1:00PM & 3:00PM)

Individual Tickets
Children and Seniors – $8.00
General – $10.00

Purchase tickets at or

(206) 524-3388

Short Description:
A young tiger, thinking he is the fiercest in all Korea, ventures down a mountainside in search of food and gets in trouble due to a misunderstanding.

Tiger outside window

Tiger outside window


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