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Northwest Puppet Center presents: The Green Bird (El Pajaro Verde)

Northwest Puppet Center is proud to present:
To find her friend, Luisa goes on a great adventure.
This magical story from Mexico is brought to the stage with beautifully designed puppets and live music.
Performed by Oregon Shadow Theatre
Nov. 1-23, 2014
Saturdays at 1pm & 3pm
Sundays at 1pm & 3pm
Advance tickets can be purchased anytime:
Save yourself some green with this special discount code:
Entering this code gives you one FREE child admission!  Code valid only for advance orders (not at the box office).  Feel free to share the special discount code with your friends.  We look forward to seeing you at the show.
P.S.  Subscriptions are also still available:

Carter Family Marionettes
Northwest Puppet Center
9123 – 15th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98115

tel:  206 523 2579

Thistle Theatre presents: Baba Yaga and the Bag of Gold

photo of Baba Yaga and Ivan

Baba Yaga and Ivan

Thistle Theatre presents: Baba Yaga and the Bag of Gold

Baba Yaga, the infamous witch who flies around in a mortar and pestle, steals a bag of gold from Vasilisa and her younger brother, Ivan. The brave, but foolish, Ivan sets off to recover the family treasure and literally finds himself in hot water. A fascinating assortment of characters, including Baba Yaga’s cat, a rabbit and a family of mice complete the cast of characters in this Slavic tale. Black light scenes of a hut that walks on chicken legs and a dancing fence of skulls and bones are featured in the production using tabletop Bunraku-style of puppetry.

Jean Enticknap who created and directs the production, wrote the story in the style of the wonder tale genre in which a character is given some form of magic to help them with their quest. Puppeteers Ben Burris, Zane Exactly and Gina Wilhelm bring the story to life. A musical score, created by Michael Flint, accompanies the story. The production is funded in part by 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax Fund.

Thistle Theatre specializes in the Bunraku-style of puppetry, an ancient Japanese art form. Although the style has been modified for modern audiences and performers, the basic idea remains the same: puppeteers who dress entirely in black to symbolize their invisibility operate the puppets.

Performance Schedule and Ticket Information:
Magnuson Park Theatre
7110 62nd Ave NE Bld 47, Seattle, WA 98115
October 25, 26 (1:00PM & 3:00PM)

Sunset Hill Community Club
3003 NW 66th St, Seattle, WA 98117
November 1, 2 (1:00PM & 3:00PM)

All individual tickets are $10 or purchase a 2014-2015 Season Ticket for $30 and see Baba Yaga plus three more shows including Gingerbread Boy, Momotaro (Peach Boy), and Little Red Riding Hood.

Purchase tickets at or

For more information contact us at (206) 524-3388 or or visit:

Short Description
Baba Yaga, the infamous witch who flies around in a mortar and pestle, steals a bag of gold from a family. The foolish Ivan sneaks off to recover the gold and is captured by Baba Yaga. His older sister, Vasilisa, goes to his rescue aided by animal friends and a little magic!

Photo of Ivan with Sword

Ivan with Sword

New Season at Northwest Puppet Center

It is that time of year when the Northwest Puppet Center kicks off a new season filled with shows.

Subscriptions offer a great bargain and scheduling flexibility. Simply decide the date/time of the first performance and decide the rest of your schedule at your leisure.

Subscriptions are only $35 (same for adult or child) which is a savings of up to $20 off the already low ticket prices! If you are ready to subscribe, please click or call:

Individual tickets are also available and the season line-up is as follows:

The Green Bird
By Oregon Shadow Theatre
Playing Nov. 1- 23, 2014

Little Red Riding Bug
By Parasol Puppets
Playing Dec. 6-21, 2014

The Dinosaur Show
By Paul Mesner Puppets
Playing Jan. 31-Feb. 15, 2015

Bathtub Pirates
By Grey Seal Puppets
Playing March 21-29, 2015

What The Moon Saw
By PuppetKabob
Playing May 2-17, 2015

Showtimes: Saturdays 1pm & 3pm, Sundays 1pm & 3pm

Thanks and hope to see you at the shows.


Dmitri Carter

Carter Family Marionettes
Northwest Puppet Center
9123 – 15th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98115

tel: 206 523 2579

Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam presents “Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams”

Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam will be presenting Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams at the Grand Illusion Cinema on Monday, October 13th at 7pm.

Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam has been providing quality live puppet shows for Seattle adults since 2011 and is proud to team up with the Grand Illusion Cinema to present Handmade Puppet Dreams: Volume I, an evening of short puppet films curated by Heather Henson.

Handmade Puppet Dreams is an award winning collection of live-action adult puppet films- hilarious, heartwarming, profane and irreverent- in styles ranging from Muppet hand and rod to stop motion, shadows, marionettes, and underwater thingamajigs.

Included in Handmade Puppet Dreams: Volume 1 are:
“Sammy and Sofa” by Tim Lagasse
“Prelude #2” by Hoku Ichyama
“Old Mother Hubbard” by Paul Andrejco
“Ola’s Box of Clovers” by Genevieve Anderson
“Last Rites” by Paul Adrejco
“Everloving” by Steve Johnson
“Herd” by Mike Mitchell
“Mary Anning and Her Monsters” by Laurie Heit
“Popsickle” by Mike Mitchell and Dan Brown
“Graveyard Jamboree” by Seamus Walsh and Mark Caballero

Tickets at the door or in advance: $9.00 general/ $5.00 member/ $6.00 student & senior

About Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam: Herded together into a graceful flow by the troop’s resident emcee, Seattle’s Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam is a cabaret-style puppet show for grown-ups. Each short piece  — whether hilarious, heartbreaking or horrifying — is created and performed by puppeteers from the Pacific Northwest (and beyond!) From the brand spanking new to the tried-and-true, every act is guaranteed to have one important thing in common: puppets.