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Felt-a-thon, March 21, 2015

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When: Saturday, March 21, 10am

Where: Inscape Arts Building, Studio 230

815 Seattle Blvd South

Seattle, WA 98134


Vox Fabuli Puppets and Crash Boom invite puppet fans worldwide to take part in the very first FELT-A-THON. The FELT-A-THON, a 24 hour puppet marathon charity event, will be held Saturday, March 21.

Beginning at 10am, Seattle-based puppeteers Rachel Jackson and Chad Allers, along with other local artists, will attempt to make 12 short puppet videos in only 24 hours. A live stream of The FELT-A-THON will be available online, so that people everywhere will be able to tune in and track their sleep deprived progress. Part of the 2015 World Day of Puppetry, proceeds collected during the event will go to a charity chosen by popular vote.

In addition to collecting donations, audience participation will be encouraged via social media: video suggestions will be solicited, dares taken, and questions answered via The FELT-A-THON’s Twitter feed and FaceBook pages.

“We want to give people a lot of ways to participate, whether they’re here in Seattle or on the other side of the planet,” said Jackson. “We’re super eager to see how people respond here in our first year. We have lofty visions of future Felt-a-thons, with events taking place in several cities at once. ”

The FELT-A-THON will benefit one of three charities – Habitat for Humanity, charity: water or Autism Speaks. The entire event will be viewable for free online via live stream, but the finished videos will be made available to donors before the general public. Donations will be collected via IndieGoGo.

Guest artists include: Annett Mateo – Master Puppet Artisan for Seattle Children’s Theater, local band Brite Lines, and filmmaker Tonjia Atomic.

Twitter: @Felt_a_Thon

About World Day of Puppetry: The World Day of Puppetry 2015 invites puppeteers and community members to celebrate the art of puppetry across the country and around the world. For more information about the initiative, please visit the websites of the Puppeteers of America ( and UNIMA-USA (


Young Adult and Youth Scholarships Available for P of A Festival

Dear Regional Leadership,

We came up a bit short of applicants for the Young adult and Youth Scholarships for the 2016 festival. We want to get as many of our youth to the fest as possible so we have extended the deadline for applicants in these categories till February 20th. Please spread the word to any folks you know who could benefit form one of these scholarships and encourage them to apply. Thank for your help. Here is a link to the application.

Kat Pleviak
Artistic Director
Sea Beast Puppet Company