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Thistle Theatre Presents: The Magic Teakettle!

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Magic Teakettle
In a Japanese temple, a teakettle is placed over the fire for the tea ceremony. Suddenly, it sprouts a tail, a head and the four legs of a Tanuki (a raccoon-like animal found in Japan).  Fearing the strange creature with the body of a teakettle, the Priest returns it to the peddler woman who sold it to him.  She gives the Tanuki a home and food and grateful for her kindness, the Tanuki reveals he is Bumbuku Chagama, a teakettle of good luck. Together they start a theatre and the Magic Teakettle of Good Luck performs acrobatic tricks.

Thistle Theatre specializes in tabletop Bunraku puppetry, a variation of the ancient Japanese art form.  Although the style has been modified for modern audiences and performers, the basic idea remains the same: puppeteers dressed entirely in black, to symbolize their invisibility, operate the puppets.  Amy Escobar, Andre Nelson and Zane Exactly are the puppeteers in the production directed by Jean Enticknap.  The puppets were designed and built by Brian Kooser in the Thistle Theatre studio.

Performance Schedule and Ticket Information:

BYT-Crossroads Theatre
16051 NE 10th St, Seattle WA  98008
March 2, 3 @ 2:00pm and 4:00pm

Magnuson Park Theatre
7110 62nd Ave NE, Seattle WA  98115
March 9, 10 @ 1:00pm and 3:00pm

Sunset Hill Community Club
3003 NW 66th St, Seattle WA  98117
March 16, 17 @ 1:00pm and 3:00pm

All individual tickets are $10.
Purchase tickets at  or

For more information contact us at (206) 524-3388 or or visit:


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Puppeteers Of Puget Sound Winter Meeting!

Please join us for the first meeting of 2019 on FEBRUARY 21ST at 7:00 PM Guild business will address officer updates, some minor points of order, and news on the National Puppetry Festival.
We are pleased to welcome John Tyndall who is a local Producer and Director with Weasel Productions. His most recent project was The Victorian Hotel by Angus Oblong. A show that combined humans and puppets on an equal footing in a full-length play. He’s looking forward to sharing his puppet creations with you and discussing the challenges presented scripturally in the design and function.

Free for members and $5 for guests who then can apply the fee towards membership if you choose. Refreshments will be provided.

Magnuson Park _ Thistle Theatre Studio Location

It is very important to note that the location is the Thistle Theatre Studio. Please do not “Google” Thistle Theatre. You will be sent to the wrong building.