Become a Member!


Become a member no matter where you live and enjoy a full year of PoPS.

The Puppeteers of Puget Sound (PoPS) is a non-profit organization, which promotes and raises the standards of the art of puppetry through the exchange of ideas, programs, and workshops. Chartered by The Puppeteers of America, Inc.


  • free workshop/events at 4-5 meetings a year ($8 fee each meeting for non-members)
  • e-newsletter updating members about local, regional and national activities 
  • a link from PoPS website to your website
  • member discounts for special events
  • information about regional and national puppet festivals
  • consideration for PoPS scholarships
  • a vote in annual officer elections
  • a vote on any issues that come to a General Membership vote
  • access to recordings of workshops from virtual meetings

$24 Individual Membership (18 & up)
$36 Organizational Membership
$36 Family Membership
$16 Junior Membership (17 & under)

If you can, please consider making a small additional donation to support Puppeteers of Puget Sound.

There are two ways to join or renew membership with the Puppeteers of Puget Sound:


  1. We accept secure payments through the PayPal link in #4.
  2. To make a small, optional donation to support PoPS, simply add the donation amount to your membership fee and type that total into the handy “Other Amount” box.
  3. After completing payment, you will be momentarily redirected to our Membership Form. Please do NOT close or refresh your browser window. If you are not redirected, we will follow up with you.
  4. Join Puppeteers of Puget Sound online with PayPal.


  1. Download the Puppeteers of Puget Sound Membership Form (PDF).
  2. Print and fill out the form.
  3. Write a check payable to the Puppeteers of Puget Sound. Again, consider adding a small, optional donation to your membership fee.
  4. Send the form and check to the address listed on the form.

Published by Marianne Le

I'm a college librarian and dabble in puppetry. Nettle (my profile picture and creation) enjoys reading and singing with preschoolers as well as annoying my colleagues.

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