Workshop for July 19th Meeting

Hello PoPS members! Below is the information about our upcoming meeting!


Sunday, July 19th @1pm


Meeting URL:

PLEASE NOTE: this meeting will be password protected.
You must RSVP to PoPS President Rachel Jackson via email if you’re planning to attend:


“Pop-Up Book Stages” from Monica Leo of Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre. Monica’s workshop at the 2019 PofA Nationals was a huge hit with those of our members who were able to attend, so we asked her to come present to everyone. 

“Pop-Up Book Stages”

Monica Leo of Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre will show some of her pop-up book stages, discuss their use, and demonstrate the techniques she has found the most useful in creating them. She’ll share some tips on materials and show ways to make surprising pop-ups within the larger pages. Monica uses pop-up book stages in five of her shows.


Monica Leo is a first-generation American, born to German refugees in the waning days of World War Two.  After the war, her parents ordered a set of Kasperle hand puppets from a German craftswoman, and Monica was hooked.  A graduate of the University of Iowa, Monica studied for two years at the State Art Academy in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since 1975, she has been creating and performing as founder and principal puppeteer of Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre, West Liberty, Iowa.  Eulenspiegel has performed at numerous regional, national, and international festivals and has toured in 31 states and four other countries.

Monica writes the Scene Between column for the Puppetry Journal. She lives in a log cabin in the woods built by her late husband.

Attached to this post:

– The Agenda: If you have anything you’d like to add to this, please let me know via email. As you can see, it’s pretty light.

– The PoPS Constitution and Bylaws: Because everyone should have access to this, and right now you might specifically want the context for…

– The Amendment: As discussed at our April meeting, our Constitution’s definition of a voting member is not in line with ours. So we’re making a change to fix that.


Please be ready to give a report at the general meeting. Progress, next steps, etc.



PoPS Constitution and Bylaws edited 4-14-16

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