Spyglass Theater Presents The Secret Life of Bugs

Performed LIVE and streamed from 18th & Union Arts Space

Saturday March 13 @ 11 AM & 7 PM
Sunday March 14 @ 11 AM
Tickets $10 and up

Step through the magnifying glass of blacklight puppetry into a world of Dragonflies and Dung Beetles. An exotic musical soundtrack provides the thread that connects insect, plant and animal species in the web of life. Ananse the Spider uses his knowledge of entomology to illustrate natural events such as orb weaving, nesting and metamorphosis. Performed by Rob Witmer and Margaret Savas.

Published by Marianne Le

I'm a college librarian and dabble in puppetry. Nettle (my profile picture and creation) enjoys reading and singing with preschoolers as well as annoying my colleagues.

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