PoPS Winter Meeting and Crankie Workshop

When: Sunday, December 5 @2pm PST
Where: Online

Join Puppeteers of Puget Sound online for our final meeting of the year. We’ll elect officers for 2022, find out what our fellow Pacific Northwest puppet people are up to, and have a Matchbox Crankie Workshop presented by the fabulous Sue Truman.

Please note: This meeting will be password protected. Non-members must RSVP to attend.


  • Free for current 2021 members
  • $8 for non-members 

How to RSVP:

  1. If you are a non-member, donate the $8 meeting fee with PayPal
  2. Or pay by check: email PoPSPres at gmail dot com for details.

You’ll receive the meeting link via email approximately 48 hours before the meeting.

matchbox crankie samples
Photo courtesy of Sue Truman

About the Presenter: Sue Truman, purveyor of TheCrankieFactory.com is celebrating her 10th year of crankie-making. During that time she has made over 1,000 matchbox crankies!  This could be a world record.  She will share her secrets with us.

Why make matchbox crankies?

  1. They are cute, heartfelt and handmade.
  2. They are cheap! A package of 10 matchboxes is $2.49 or less.
  3. They make the perfect gift, totally unique.
  4. They are versatile and have many different applications.  Come to the workshop and see.

Workshop Materials:

  • 1 package of small matchboxes (10 in a package, the box is 2” long)
  • 1 package “kitchen matches” for the spindles (matches are longer, about 2” long, and the box is 4 ¾” long)
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • masking tape (preferred) OR cellophane tape
  • pen OR marker for illustrating
  • to make holes for spindles:
    • hole punch with a 3/8” hole
    • OR an awl
    • OR an Exacto knife
  • thin paper (the thinner the better):
    • cheap copy paper
    • OR thin receipt paper
    • OR adding machine paper
    • OR any thin, flexible paper
  • tiny (1” long) clothes pins (optional)
  • glue for the cranks (optional)

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I'm a college librarian and dabble in puppetry. Nettle (my profile picture and creation) enjoys reading and singing with preschoolers as well as annoying my colleagues.

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