Spyglass Theater Presents The Secret Life of Bugs

Performed LIVE and streamed from 18th & Union Arts Space Saturday March 13 @ 11 AM & 7 PMSunday March 14 @ 11 AMTickets $10 and up Step through the magnifying glass of blacklight puppetry into a world of Dragonflies and Dung Beetles. An exotic musical soundtrack provides the thread that connects insect, plant andContinue reading “Spyglass Theater Presents The Secret Life of Bugs”

Thistle Theatre Presents The Funny Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling.

6344 NE 74th St. Suite 103, Seattle, WA 98115 Phone (206) 524-3388 website: http://www.thistletheatre.org email: info@thistletheatre.org Media contact: Jean Enticknap FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Funny Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling Thistle Theatre, a puppet theatre for families, presents the “Funny Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling”, based on a Japanese story. A Funny Woman jumps afterContinue reading “Thistle Theatre Presents The Funny Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling.”

Puget Sound Puppetry Festival 2020

Puget Sound Puppetry Festival 2020 Sat, March 7, 2020 at 12pm at Washington Hall PoPS is proud to be sponsoring this new annual puppet festival which celebrates World Puppetry Day by showcasing the best of Greater Seattle/King County puppetry. We invite you to join us at pugetpuppetfest.com for more information. Tarish “Jeghetto” Pipkins will be the inauguralContinue reading “Puget Sound Puppetry Festival 2020”

Thistle Theatre Presents: Aesop’s Fables

Families 3 to 103 will delight in Thistle Theatre’s puppet production of Aesop’s Fables. Aesop was born a slave in 6th Century BC and is heralded as one of the great moral teachers of all time. Aesop tells three entertaining stories of animals that have human foibles and strengths. Set in different locations on the Mediterranean Sea,Continue reading “Thistle Theatre Presents: Aesop’s Fables”

Thistle Theatre Presents: The Magic Teakettle!

Magic Teakettle In a Japanese temple, a teakettle is placed over the fire for the tea ceremony. Suddenly, it sprouts a tail, a head and the four legs of a Tanuki (a raccoon-like animal found in Japan).  Fearing the strange creature with the body of a teakettle, the Priest returns it to the peddler womanContinue reading “Thistle Theatre Presents: The Magic Teakettle!”

Thistle Theatre Presents: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  The three bears load up their trailer and leave Yellowstone Park for a vacation in Hollywood, California. When Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear take a walk, Goldilocks and her pet duck stumble upon their campsite where the porridge is hot and the bed is just right! Songwriter Sue Ennis has written 50’sContinue reading “Thistle Theatre Presents: Goldilocks and the Three Bears”

Thistle Theatre Presents: Tiger and the Dried Persimmon!

Thistle Theatre Presents: Tiger and the Dried Persimmon website: www.thistletheatre.org            email: info@thistletheatre.org Media contact: Jean Enticknap   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Learn more about Korea, the 2018 Winter Olympics host country, by seeing this humorous story about a young tiger. Thinking he is the fiercest in all of Korea, a tiger ventures down a mountainside in search of food. Stopping atContinue reading “Thistle Theatre Presents: Tiger and the Dried Persimmon!”