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Puppeteers of Puget Sound Board Election

The nominating committee of Puppeteers of Puget Sounds presents our slate of officers for candidacy for the 2018 board of Puppeteers of Puget Sound.

President – Dustin Curtis 
Vice-President – Rachel Jackson 
Secretary – Gina Wilhelm
Treasurer – Cheryl Hadley 
Membership Director – Jean Enticknap 
Webmaster – Zane Exactly

At the December 2nd meeting, other nominations may be made from the floor by members provided the nominated person(s) is present. If more than one nomination is made per office, the vote will take place by ballot.

Officers for the Puppeteers of Puget Sound 2017

Regional Director – Annett Mateo [email]

Officers for the Puppeteers of Puget Sound 2017:

President – Dustin Curtis [email]
Vice-President – Shannon L. Reagan [email]
Secretary – Gina Wilhelm  [email]
Treasurer – Cheryl Hadley [email]
Membership Director – Jean Enticknap [email]
Webmaster – Zane Exactly [email]

We look forward to another wonderful year!