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Help Wanted: Puppeteers with Good Acting Skills

Cindy Henderson wrote us and said she is “with an ad agency in Spokane and we are producing a video for Dairy Farmers of Washington.  I am interested in auditioning professional puppeteers with good acting skills for this project.  I can be contacted at”


Hire a Puppeteer

Our group has a variety of puppeteers who can help you build puppets, or put on puppet shows at birthday parties, libraries or other events.


Birthday Parties, Library Shows

Clay Martin’s Puppet Theater

Giraffe & Staff Puppet Co.

NW Puppet Center

Shaver Marionettes

Thistle Theatre


Puppet Builders

Giant Puppets, Bunraku – Brian Kooser

Shadow Puppets – Nick Hubbard


Puppeteers who wish to be added to this list, please join us!