Shishi-Odori coming to Seattle Center

Shishi-Odori is a popular performing art commonly handed down from generation to generation in the Tohoku (northeast) region of Japan. Though varied in styles and forms, the main feature of the dance is the dancer’s mask called Shishi-Gashira (deer mask), representing an imaginary creature as a divine messenger. The drum hung at the waist andContinue reading “Shishi-Odori coming to Seattle Center”

Masks and Puppets at the Burke Museum

Greetings from the Burke Museum! We have some exciting events coming up at the Burke that we hope you can attend! We are now offering special gallery activities every week. This month, discover masks and puppets from around the world. On October 27, learn about NW Coast and Yup’ik masks with Robin K. Wright, Burke curatorContinue reading “Masks and Puppets at the Burke Museum”