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Join us, or Renew your Puppeteers of Puget Sound Membership

Current PPS Guild Members and future Puppeteers of Puget Sound Members a great year of puppetry events are on tap.  Join or update your membership today.  Those attending on Feb. 6 can save postage by giving filled out membership form with cash or check to Jean Enticknap at the event.

Here is what your membership gives you in only the first quarter of the year:

Feb. 6 – Northwest Puppet Center and Dmitri Carter are hosting Paul Mesner’s Pulcinella at the NWPC.  – Half price for members.  Details on our Facebook page.

Feb. 14 – Skid Row Puppet Show Event at Ballard Alki Lodge. Discount for members (see our Facebook page)

February 26 – Rob D’Arc and Jean Enticknap are hosting the first in a series of Thursday evening of videos at the Thistle Theatre Studio at Magnuson Park.  Want to find a puppet mentor? Videos of puppeteers who are masters of manipulation will inspire everyone from novice to professional.  $5 at door for non-members, free to PofPS guild members. Snacks included, BYOB.  More detail of the event will be posted soon.

March 21 – Puppeteers of America’s National Day of Puppetry.  An entire day of shows and events.  Some events will have a PofPS discount. More details of the event will be posted soon.

Please forward to your friends and other fans of puppetry.

Jean Enticknap
Membership Director

PS.  If you have sent a membership since Oct. 2014, you are up to date.  All other memberships have lapsed.

Puppeteers of Puget Sound: Become a Member, or Renew


September is the month to renew your membership to the Puppeteers of Puget Sound and the Puppeteers of America. This email is a reminder notice to all officers and individuals that your tax deductable membership fee is due. Join our guild and become a member of a region rich with puppetry activities you can learn about at our website:  If you have news to share about your latest puppet show, or have questions about Puppeteers of Puget Sound, please contact our Webmaster, Alyssa McFarland.

We are lucky to have two leaders from the Puppeteers of America in our guild, Nick Hubbard and Elly Leaverton.  Here is some news from them!

“Hello puppeteers in the Pacific Northwest!
The last few years have seen some exciting things for local puppetry.  In 2010 our guild hosted the Regional Festival, Puppet-o-Rama, which was well attended and generated considerable buzz both here and nationally, including a lengthy and appreciative article from The Stranger.  The Northwest Puppet Center was chosen as home for the fantastic Cook/Marks collection of 5,000 puppets.  We’ve had artists doing work at venues like On the Boards, Washington Ensemble Theatre, and the Lee Center for the Arts.  And thanks to fiscal sponsorship from the guild, The Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam won a grant from the Puppet Slam Network and has had a consistent run of slams.  These slams have drawn diverse audiences and hosted out-of-town performers, and Fussy Cloud even collaborated with the Pacific Northwest Region of the Puppeteers of America to hold a full day of workshops that culminated in an open-mic of pieces made just hours before.
If we haven’t met, then let me introduce myself as your closest link to the Puppeteers of America Board of Trustees and also one of the co-founding producers of The Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the organization or the slam.

Pacific Northwest Puppeteers Unite!
Nick Hubbard

Hi, PoPS members,
I’m excited to be starting my second term as the Pacific Northwest Regional Director, especially because it will be my first full term of two years.  I was re-elected at the Regional Meeting and Puppet Slam Workshop day in Seattle.  Thank you all for attending and making it a fabulous workshop event. Thank you as well to the wonderful hosts of the event: The Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam organizers.  This term, I’m hoping for a Regional Festival in our region because the last one (Puppet-o-rama) brought to us by you, the Puppeteers of Puget Sound, was so great!  I can’t tell you where it is yet, but you might think about renewing your passports…just in case!
As the Regional Director, I’m hosting a Meetup Group for the whole region at  The current one is based in Seattle which is great for our guild.  I can make anyone an event host, so please contact me with your info if you’d like to be a host.  I plan to schedule events on Meetup for attending the shows in town, and this fall I’m going to host several workshops for hand-rod puppets (similar to Muppets).  I hope you will join Meetup and come!  There are also some plans in the works for a script-writing workshop.  Currently, you can sign up to attend the next Puppet Slam with us.  There is a discount for Guild members at this and other shows we will attend.  This is an exciting time to be a part of the guild so I hope you will renew now!

Your Regional Director,
Elly Leaverton


The Northwest Puppet Center has a museum, archive and library focused on the puppetry arts. Sigi the Antelope: Stories of West Africa  by Carter Family Puppets & Ocheami Oct. 13-28.

Thistle Theatre opens their 20th season with King of Dinosauria created in part with a family grant from the Jim Henson Foundation. Oct. 6-28.  www.thistle

Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam will be on Halloween, October 31 at Theatre Off Jackson. It will be a spectacularly spooky evening of puppetry. Contact Gavin Cummins:


The Puppeteers of Puget Sound is a non-profit organization, which promotes and raises the standards of the art of puppetry through the exchange of ideas, programs and workshops.

–      free workshop/events at meetings through the year

  services including a link to your website
–      one online Newsletter (minimum one per year)
–      access to guild puppetry consultants
–      PPS business card
–      member discounts for special events
–      information about regional and national puppet festivals
–      access to PPS scholarships (if financially qualified)
Mail a check to the address listed in the membership PDF.

Don’t forget this is the month to renew your membership or become a new member of our parent organization, The Puppeteers of America.

Jean Enticknap
Membership Director PPS