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Strawberry Theatre Workshop is seeking short puppet performances

October 3-­‐6, 2013 Seattle
Request for Proposals

Strawberry Theatre Workshop is seeking short puppet performances for the inaugural The Douglas Paasch Puppet Playhouse, performing at the Lee Center at Seattle University, October 3-­‐6. This is a professional opportunity to exhibit the finest contemporary work in puppetry arts, and a tribute to one of the nation’s most accomplished puppeteers, Doug Paasch.

The Playhouse program will feature 4-­‐5 short puppet plays in the first act, and a longer narrative piece in act two. Strawshop is currently seeking puppet plays for the first act only—pieces that are 5-­‐20 minutes, and demonstrate the versatility and ingenuity of puppet performance. Selection will be based on quality of work, and the suitability of each project to build a cohesive first act. The Playhouse is not a new works festival, but new work will be considered.

Each puppet show will receive a stipend of $300-­‐$800, depending on the breadth of the piece, numbers of artists, or transportation costs. There is no housing available.
To make a proposal, please send:

1. Title
2. Principal artists involved (or company of artists)
3. Narrative description of the work
4. Photographs or video of the artists’ best career work
5. Letters of reference (endorsement of the work or the artists from critics, funders, audience members, theatre colleagues)

Please send the above to:
Greg Carter Artistic Director
All proposals must be received prior to August 24, 2013. Early proposals are encouraged. Final program will be selected by August 31, 2013.