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NW Puppet Center presents “Aladdin & the Wonderful Lamp”

Another fun show takes the stage at the Northwest Puppet Center!
by Carter Family Puppets
Playing March 2-17, 2013

The beauty and magic of this beloved Persian tale come to life with hand-carved puppets, fanciful scenery, special effects and plenty of laughs.  With help from the Genie of the Lamp, will Aladdin and the Princess escape from the evil plots of the Sorcerer?   Find out in this original production based on the famous tale from “Arabian Nights”.

Saturdays at 1pm & 3pm
Sundays at 1pm & 3pm
$10.50 adult
$8.50 child
$9.00 senior
Tickets available at the box office (opens 30 minutes before each show).
Advance tickets available online or by phone:

Carter Family Marionettes
Northwest Puppet Center
9123 – 15th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98115

tel:  206 523 2579
fax:  206 523 8078

Northwest Puppet Center presents: "The Odyssey"

Northwest Puppet Center is proud to present:

“The Odyssey”
March 3 – 18, 2012
Sat. 1pm & 3pm
Sun. 1pm & 3pm

This performance is a wonderful way to introduce children to the mythology and culture of ancient Greece. Witness the incredible journey of Odysseus as he travels home from Troy. Accompanying Odysseus, and adding some comedy to the story, is the traditional clown from Greek shadow theater, Karaghiozis. This classic tale is filled with absurdity and excitement. Our hero and our clown encounter the Cyclops, Circe the enchantress and even the gods from Mount Olympus. Please join us on this grand adventure.

Tickets available at the box office (opens 30 minutes before showtime) or online:

Hope to see you at the show.

Thank you,


Carter Family Marionettes
Northwest Puppet Center
9123 – 15th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98115

tel: 206 523 2579
fax: 206 523 8078

Thistle Theatre presents: "Hanako and the Cherry Tree"

picture of Hanako and the Cherry Tree puppet showHanako and the Cherry Tree

(The Pitfalls Of Mr. Yama)

Puppets tell Bizarre tale from Japan!


WHO:           Thistle Theatre a puppet theatre for families


WHAT:         Hanako and the Cherry Tree  (The Pitfalls of Mr. Yama)


WHERE AND WHEN:         

Performance Schedule and Ticket Information.

Bellevue Youth Theatre:

16661 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98008

Mar. 3, 4  (2:00PM & 4:00PM)


Magnuson Park: 

7120 62nd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Mar. 10, 11  (1:00PM & 3:00PM)


Sunset Hill Community Club:

3003 NW 66th St, Seattle, WA 98117

Mar. 16 (7:30) Mar. 17, 18 (1:00PM & 3:00PM)


Tickets Prices:

Children and Seniors – $8.00

General Admission – $9.00

(206) 524-3388.


Description of Story:

Mr.Yama, a wealthy miser, meets a young girl who has climbed his cherry tree to retrieve her kite.  Unwilling to share any of the tree’s bounty, Mr. Yama accidentally swallows a cherry pit and a tree grows out of his head!   A bizarre series of events follow including encounters with mythical Japanese creatures including a Tengu (a mountain goblin), an Oni (ogre) and a serpent! Humor, danger and excitement fill this tall tale told with Bunraku, shadow and blacklight puppets.


Thistle Theatre is the only performing arts organization in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in Bunraku puppets, an ancient Japanese style of puppetry. The puppeteers, dressed head-to-toe in black to suggest invisibility, operate all of the character’s limbs by hand from behind. Lisa Haslbauer, Brian Stabile and Gina Wilhelm  are the puppeteers in the production directed by Jean Enticknap.


Picture of Hanako and Kite