Help Wanted: Puppeteers with Good Acting Skills

Cindy Henderson wrote us and said she is “with an ad agency in Spokane and we are producing a video for Dairy Farmers of Washington.  I am interested in auditioning professional puppeteers with good acting skills for this project.  I can be contacted at”

Puppetry Consultants and Advisors

Need help learning what supplies might work for something, or an idea about how to make a comfortable neck for hand puppet? The Puppeteers of Puget Sound has a number of advisors who will help members. Puppetry Consultants Dmitri Carter: History Rob D’Arc: General Mentoring Zane Exactly: Shadow Puppetry Rachel Jackson: Crowdfunding, Marketing, Theatre ProducingContinue reading “Puppetry Consultants and Advisors”

Hire a Puppeteer

Our group has a variety of puppeteers who can help you build puppets, or put on puppet shows at birthday parties, libraries or other events. Birthday Parties, Library Shows, and More Clay Martin’s Puppet Theater NW Puppet Center Thistle Theatre Puppeteers who wish to be added to this list, please join the Puppeteers of Puget Sound! Continue reading “Hire a Puppeteer”