Thistle Theatre presents: “Merry Chris Mouse”

Merry Chris Mouse Thistle Theatre, a puppet theatre for families, presents “Merry Chris Mouse”, an original heartwarming story of sharing at holiday time.  A brown mouse family, homeless on Christmas Eve, moves into the wall of a child’s playroom. Dismayed at the sight of their disheveled home, mouse twins Christine and Christopher scamper into theContinue reading “Thistle Theatre presents: “Merry Chris Mouse””

Thistle Theatre 2015-2016 Season

Thistle Theatre 2015-2016 Season Thistle Theatre opens their 2015-2016 Season with “Jack and the Beanstalk” followed by “Merry Chris Mouse”, “The Funny Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling” and “Brother Coyote and Sister Fox”. All tickets are only $10.  Purchase a $30 season ticket pass and get one show for free. Purchase tickets. “Jack and theContinue reading “Thistle Theatre 2015-2016 Season”

Thistle Theatre presents: “Little Red Riding Hood”

Thistle Theatre presents:  Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood sets off to Grandmutter’s house with a basket full of goodies and stumbles into an armful of adventure. Rudy, an impish squirrel, befriends Little Red Riding Hood and warns her of the dangerous wolf. The arrogant wolf assumes a variety of disguises in hisContinue reading “Thistle Theatre presents: “Little Red Riding Hood””

Combined National Day of Puppetry and World Day of Puppetry on March 21, 2015

The Puppeteers of Puget Sound, a guild of the Puppeteers of America, invite you to see and support the work of PUPPETRY ARTISTS on the combined National Day of Puppetry and World Day of Puppetry on March 21, 2015. Celebrate Art and Culture through Puppetry! SEE A PUPPET THEATRE PRODUCTION Northwest Puppet Center: 9123 15thContinue reading “Combined National Day of Puppetry and World Day of Puppetry on March 21, 2015”

Thistle Theatre presents: “Momotoro (Peach Boy)”

Momotaro is the most popular children’s story told in Japan. An old woman finds a huge peach floating in a river. When she and her husband try to cut it open, a baby emerges. They name the baby Momotaro and raise him as their son.  He quickly grows up to be a warrior and bandsContinue reading “Thistle Theatre presents: “Momotoro (Peach Boy)””

Thistle Theatre presents the “Gingerbread Boy”

Every child’s dream come true – a magical world of candy, cookies and ice cream.  Ollie the Oven bakes cakes and cookies, Bill the Chill makes ice cream treats and Sweetie, a copper kettle, cooks up candy and chocolate confections. When too much spice is poured into the batter, out pops a mischievous Gingerbread BoyContinue reading “Thistle Theatre presents the “Gingerbread Boy””

Thistle Theatre presents: Baba Yaga and the Bag of Gold

Thistle Theatre presents: Baba Yaga and the Bag of Gold Baba Yaga, the infamous witch who flies around in a mortar and pestle, steals a bag of gold from Vasilisa and her younger brother, Ivan. The brave, but foolish, Ivan sets off to recover the family treasure and literally finds himself in hot water. AContinue reading “Thistle Theatre presents: Baba Yaga and the Bag of Gold”